“Who’s on 1st?: The Role Of The Product Owner”

Many companies today are moving to Agile to accelerate delivery, to improve their ability to manage changing priorities and to increase productivity. Most companies move to Scrum and with that comes the three new roles, Product Owner, Scrum Master and Team.
The Scrum Guide gives little guidance on these three roles. And, the point of the guide is a really framework, not a rule book. The challenge is…where do you start? And, who is supposed to be doing what, when and to whom?
The lack of role clarity can be a serious impediment to organizational success, yet most companies don’t take the time, ahead of their Agile journey and along the way, to sort out who should be doing what. In this webinar, “Who’s on 1st?: The Role Of The Product Owner”, takes a look a the duties and influencers for this role and explores ways the Product Owner can come out on top!
In this presentation you will learn:
· The context of Agile & Scrum
· The importance of the role of the Product Owner in the Scrum workflow
· Key overlapping functions of the Product Owner & other roles in your organization
· Tips for success

How can the Product Owner can be successful? We’ll explore the possibilities in this free webinar. Space is limited to the 1st 20 attendees, so RSVP right away!

When: Thursday, November 8th
Time: 4pm – 5pm (PST)

What: Who’s on 1st?: The Role Of The Product Owner

Who should attend:

  • Anyone trying to understand the role of the Product Owner
  • Business Analysts who don’t understand how to work with the Product Owner
  • Product Owners that are trying to find their way
  • Product Managers who want to learn how to work with Product Owners

RSVP Steps:

  • First, email me to reserve your spot!
  • (alicia@operational-innovations.com, subject Free Product Owner Webinar)

  • You’ll receive a confirmation, then link to the Hangout, the morning of the webinar. (Please use an email account you can access before the event).

NOTE: Space is limited to the 1st 20 attendees, so grab your spot right away!

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