Organizational Transformation:

With over a decade of experience in transforming organizations, I have developed an expertise in guiding organizations, of all sizes and from a variety industries, through successful adoptions of Agile methods. Depending on your needs, I can  support your organization’s journey to Agile as well as coach, train and mentor your teams in using Scrum and Lean principles.  Through our engagement, I will introduce proven practices, help your teams connect the dots between practices and their founding principles, and guide your teams to set the way of working in Agile that best fits your organizational needs.

My background is influenced by 20 years in technology organizations, as well as my work, certifications and education in project management and leadership. I’ve designed and led transformations around diversity and inclusion, leadership and accountability and more. I bring elements to my approach that focus on building an organizational capacity to self-organize and lead.   I am passionate about this work and find organizational systems and the people in them fascinating!
Agile Coaching Specialties: 

  • Team safety
  • Agile organizational change (Scrum implementations)
  • Training design, delivery (Agile practices, Leadership, Diversity)
  • Continuous process improvement
  • Definition of Done
  • Release planning
  • Scrum roles boot camp: Scrum Master & Product Owner
  • Product backlog creation, alignment, refinement and readiness
  • Scrum Master, Agile PM, Product Owner, Project Manager & Scrum team level coaching
  • Executive, Director and line management coaching

Other Specialties: 

  • Program management & operational excellence in software development
  • Change Management (organization and process): Kotter 8-Step Model
  • Building accountable teams
  • Strategy and business development
  • Communication (multiple levels in the organization)
  • Critical & Systems Thinking
  • Public speaking


Partial Client List:  Check out my bio for more details and a client list: Alicia R. McLain 


Client Engagement and Approach:

The objective for our work together is to move your organization toward self-sufficiency by developing leaders and subject matter experts on your teams; The training, coaching, mentoring and nurturing of internal change agents who will ultimately become your ‘go to’ people, are built into every engagement.  My goal is to build your organizational bench strength around agility from the highest to the staff level. My mastery, as a coach, is in organizational transformation and the model I’ve used most successfully for change management is the Kotter 8-Step model.

My Approach:

Phase 1 – Assessment: Getting to know you and your organization

Phase 2 – Strategy: Understanding your vision for agility and applying the right agile strategies to get you there. This begins with an Executive Overview .

Phase 3 – Training:  Create a common knowledge base

Phase 4 – Coaching: Learn Agile principles for continuous improvement and gain

Phase 5 – Structures to Sustain: Setting up structures to help you self-propel and sustain the transformation work


My approach is firmly based on the Agile Principles. I don’t rely on dogma.  I engage your teams in understanding the principles, values and their connection to the important outcomes these practices can impart.. I use the Agile tools and methodologies that are most beneficial to my clients in their particular situation. I believe that many elements of Agile are a great way to achieve the desired goal of making organizations more predictable, transparent, safe and flexible in their approach to work.


To get started, click here to schedule your 1 hour complimentary exploration call to see how I might best be of service to you and your organization.  Please read my testimonials or ask me for a referral of my work.

  • Alicia McLain – alicia@operational-innovations.com or call my office at 619-972-0453