Alicia’s Good Reads


Leadership is an essential element in any organizational transformation. The altitude of the leaders in your organization will set the tone.

Here are a few of my favorites.

Agile Practices

In my experience, Agile practices build high performing teams. These books go into detail about important practices (the ‘what’) that can help your team once I have trained them. The following will help to support your team’s continued learning and development.

Here is my recommended list.

Agile Transformation

The transformation of organizations is a complex task. It’s important to understand the systems at play and how they operate. The following list is more about the ‘how and why’ of transformation.

Here are my recommendations.

UCSDx Required

If you’re planning to take my class at UCSDx, there are a few required tools. The list below will get you ready for our nine weeks together!

Here are the required tools for my class.