Professional Coaching

“ICF, (International Coaching Federation)” defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential” – ICF

I agree and further define coaching as “a place to think” #APlace2Think.
Our world moves and turns faster than we can hold on most of the time and we don’t take the time to just….think.
Coaching is a safe, judgement free and confidential space to toss around ideas and create the solutions that will move you forward! Coaching is the key to upping your leadership, self awareness, emotional intelligence, decision making and professional agility.
I believe in the power and potential of people, you! I believe in your light and your positive core. I believe there is a leader in all of us! I’m here to help you connect to that greatness, that super power, if you will, so you can achieve your goals and show up in a way that makes you proud. In our coaching sessions, I help you get the clarity you need, when you need it most! #realtime

What’s important now for you?

My specialties include:

  • Working with leaders who are in transition, either changing jobs, being promoted or navigating the complexity of an organization that is in flux
  • Working with individuals or groups that are under-represented in their workplace #onlyone
  • Working with individuals or groups that in organizations that are rapidly changing

    **Coaching is a ‘life line’ and a key element to sustained and real personal or organizational change. My goal is to help you gain access to yourself in ways that help you take your skill and ability to the next level. I help create the kind of mental fitness for my clients that sustains the work we’ll do together.
    What distinguishes me as a coach is my humor, possibility thinking, creativity, my positive energy and attitude of service. I’m also a Wiley Authorized Partner for the Everything DiSC® suite of instruments.
    My responsibility as a coach is to:

    • Support your discovery, clarification, and alignment with your goals/ambitions
    • Encourage your self-discovery
    • Help you uncover the limiting beliefs that block your greatness
    • Help you develop and sustain mental fitness
    • Help you discover the solutions that are right for you
    • Be your ‘Accountabili-buddy’

    If you’re curious about whether you’d benefit from coaching, the ICF has this useful info-graphic to help you: “Feeling Stuck?”

    If you’re curious about how to build a culture of coaching at your organization; here is a link to my talk at the PMI (Project Management Institute) International PMO Symposium in Denver, Colorado (click here): Coaching, The Secret Sauce To Building A Culture of Accountability


    Personal Coaching (Individual Innovations) is all about you, where you are and where want to go! Click here for more on that story.



    Leadership & Executive Coaching (Executive Innovations): This is about you as a leader in business. I believe there is a leader in all of us. What shadow are you casting today, and how do you want it to be? Click here for more!
    How you can get started:

    • You email me to get started!
    • I’ll send you a link to schedule a quick ‘Get to Know You’ call.
    • We get started!
    • You win!

    I look forward to hearing from you and it will be my honor to be of service!

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    @TheLDRSHIPCoach. #APlace2Think
    “Whatever you think you can do or believe you can do, begin it.  Action has magic, grace and power in it.” – Goethe