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“Beyond the User Story”, an Interactive Immersive #Bootcamp for Product Owners


The effectiveness of the whole Scrum framework, starts with the role of the Product Owner. #nopressure If this role is not staffed by a dedicated, prepared, empowered and decisive leader – you may have trouble brewing.

Job descriptions from local firms are looking for product owners to be decisive, know how to navigate the organization, negotiate, facilitate, manage projects and more. These are the minimum skills needed to be successful. And that’s the what…

In 15+ years of studying this role, being in this role, coaching this role and developing strategies for success, I’ve discovered it can come down few important steps that can help this role to be successful. And its here for you, in this immersive!

This is a course on how to maximize the value of products and systems. This bootcamp will take you beyond the User Story and will help you gain the know-how, finesse and skills needed to be successful beyond the basics.
Here is a link to my video interview on my YouTube Channel: Beyond The User Story Interview: What’s this class all about?


In this bootcamp you will:

• Get clarity on what you should be doing as Product Owner
• Learn and understand the powerful and insightful competency model for Product Owners ****NEW***
• Access a powerful Product Owner Toolkit
• Learn the top 10 Terms in Scrum/Agile and why they matter to you
• Learn strategies to better understand your customer/end user (value, prioritization, etc..)
• Learn how to say “NO” with professionalism and grace
• Learn how to turn down the volume on negative thoughts that block your power #impostersyndromethinking. .(See my Scrum Alliance feature on this below!)
• Build community with like-minded Product Owners for support
• Develop your own personal action & coaching plan


• Everything DiSC Productive Conflict® Personal Assessment (includes debriefing and action planning session), plus 2 additional leadership assessments
• Training guide
• Handouts, guides, planning sheets, etc..
• Invitation to an exclusive LinkedIN community “Beyond the User Story”, where additional resources, tips and experiences will be shared by me and attendees of this course.

What we will not cover:

This course is a level up from foundations; beyond the 101.
This session goes beyond the basics of ‘what’, into more about how/why, and the hidden gems to help you to be successful.

Who should attend this class:

• People who have taken a Product Owner certification class and are still trying to understand what to do.
• People who have been product owners for a while and are still trying to find their way
• Business Analyst who want to help their product owners.
• Business Analysts who aspire to become product owners
• Project Managers who want to better understand the role of and how to develop partnerships with the Product Owner
• Anyone who want to design and develop this role in their organization

Course Details:

When: Short format – Multi Day (Contact me for availability) – Course Outline – BTUS January 2023
Time: 8:30am – Noon PDT

Where: Virtual Format (Zoom Meetings)
Class Size: Class size is a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 16 registrants/attendees.

Price: Book a spot to chat about your ideas for this

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Imposter Syndrome thinking is a real trap for the Product Owner. See my featured Scrum Alliance Product Owner FAQ and Video on Imposter Syndrome . here!)

Here’s your chance to make an impact in your role, for your organization and the products that serve your customers!

Here is what attendees say about this course..

“For me, its more about getting the job done well, and less about certification – this is an amazing value!”
“Love the small group discussion!”
“Excellent class. I’ve learned so much & I can’t wait to share this with my team!”
“Great course. I’ve been forming and leading Agile/Scrum teams for 7 years and I learned a lot in this course. Lots of tools, techniques and skills for advanced Product Owners!”
I learned a lot about different aspects of the PO role. Helped me to have a deeper understanding of things I deal with daily.”
“Thank you Alicia for the great class and this follow up info! It was the best agile training I’ve had by far.”
“After taking this class, I have fundamentally changed the way I work with my teams. I realize the importance of vision and timing in my planning communication to the teams. This has also helped me understand the importance of this role in the success of the Scrum framework.”


Your Trainer/Facilitator & Coach

As a sought-after speaker, coach and trainer, Alicia is known as the ‘Organizational Whisperer’ and has for 15+ years, been about the business of building high performing teams, empowering leaders in transition and creating climates where teams can thrive using Agile practices. Her expertise is in the transformation of people and systems during Agile transformation.

Alicia coaches, trains and transforms mid-size to large companies domestically and internationally. As an executive and leadership coach who has led and witnessed the transformation of people, attitudes, hearts and minds towards greater agility and high performance using Agile practices, she is passionate about being of service to help connect organizations to their mission and values.

Alicia is the founder and co-organizer of the Agile Coaching Exchange for Southern California (ACE:SoCal) the first MeetUp group of its kind established in the United States in partnership with the flagship in London. She holds a PMP and Scrum Alliance certifications in Scrum Master, Product Owner and Scrum Professional.

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